Benefits of Tourism

Recently while shopping at a local store, I overheard three workers discussing Idaho and our hidden gems. The first person told the others that social media is doing too good of a job promoting the Magic Valley and that they should stop. My first thought was a way to go, Southern Idaho Tourism, for bringing visitors to the region. The conversation continued, and one of the workers (who appeared new to Idaho) shared that they didn’t think Jerome was that great. The other two said See you; you are welcome to leave. I am sure many share this view.

Tourism is a crucial contributor to the growth of our local economy. We depend on neighboring cities, counties, and other areas for economic growth, and tourism plays a vital role in this process, especially for smaller communities.

Three positive impacts of tourism

  • Boosts the revenue of the economy,
  • Develops infrastructure
  • Creates jobs.

Therefore, attracting visitors is good for Jerome. We have many hidden gems and cool things to do and see. Take pride and encourage people to check out the beauty and attractions that we have, such as the Northside Military Museum, The Jerome County Historical Museum, Idaho Farm & Ranch Museum, Minidoka National Historic Site, Base Jumping, Scotts Pond, Mermaid Cove, Vineyard Lake, Pillar Falls, Snake River Canyon Park and so much more.

We need each other to help Jerome thrive, grow, and share your favorite spots with others.