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A well-crafted help wanted ad could be the difference between attracting the top talent. Employers continue to struggle to get employees. Conversations have been had with job seekers and employers. Here are a few of the reoccurring issues:

Job Seekers:

  • Customize your resume and cover letter.
  • Apply for many jobs. says that most people end up loving their work even if they did not have a pre-existing passion for the industry before getting the job.
  • Do not get discouraged. You will need to send out a lot of applications and resumes. Just like you are looking for the right company they too are looking for the right fit.
  • Job seekers get frustrated when they stop at a potential place of employment only to be told to apply online.
  • The online algorithms are often disregarding many applicants before the managers even see the application.
  • Employees need to dress appropriately for the job
  • Employees need to do the work and be on their phones
  • Employees that work for more than one or two shifts.


  • Job ads and job descriptions are two different things.
    • Job ads are a marketing tool to attract the best job seekers.  The Job description is a document that lays out the specific role and responsibilities.  I think job seekers see the job description and then become intimidated and do not apply for the job.
    • Employment ads take them back to the newspaper want ads… less is more. Specify you are willing to train.
    • Data shows that 48% of applicants have no prior relationship with the company they are applying for so you want to make the job ad count.
    • Most jobs are trainable
    • Update the position and description.
      • Job roles change over time so be sure to accurately portray the company’s current needs.
    • Be sure you are willing to train and mentor.
    • Be responsive, and call back candidates.
    • Take a chance… you will find a hidden gem.

It is a two-way street between employers and job seekers. Both parties need to take a risk and be teachable. Everyone has something of value to offer another.