Recharging your Batteries

Everyone is feeling work fatigue. There is pressure to cram more and more into our work and personal lives. Our culture is go, go, go. Type A personalities have difficulty relaxing. There are always things to do, I was taught that you get the work done first and play after it is done. Work never seems to be done.  There will always be a to-do list. Life is stressful, every person regardless of their position or circumstance is facing the same challenge of balancing work and family.  We thrive on being busy and when it comes to creativity and delivering our best, sometimes rest is the most productive thing we can do.

We divide our days into blocks, 8-hour workday, 7 – 9 hours of sleep, extracurricular activities to shuttle children back and forth too. Household chores etc. It is challenging to balance it all and get it all in. Life should not be a race. A pause will help us reevaluate what success means to us. Stopping to recharge allows us to be more creative, we can see problems and challenges with a fresh perspective.

Technology has connected us in ways as never before and we have the false impression that we always have to be plugged into work and accessible. The result is that we fall flat with exhaustion. We are all human and our bodies and minds demand rest.

Learn to listen to your body for the signs of fatigue. There are many things that we can do to recharge that do not require taking an exotic vacation. There are simple things we can do regularly to unplug from the stress and recharge.

Ways to recharge

1.            Rest

Take a nap, schedule time to do nothing. Most Type A personalities find this challenging. Burning the candle at both ends not only wears a person down mentally but also physically.

2.            Play

On the weekends when there are household chores to be done. Start early, get your chores done first, then you can spend the rest of the day enjoying it without the to-do list hanging over your head.

3.            Social

Call a friend. One of the things I use to be very good at was meeting friends for lunch. I have gotten out of the habit and need to start to do that again. Having this kind of social break during the day energizes you and you go back to your job ready to finish the day.

4.            Alone

Spending time alone can be very rejuvenating. Go to the local hot springs, treat yourself to a spa day, read a book. When reading a book be sure it is a physical book – technology-free. I love to read. Growing up in a large metro I was always reading on the buses and trains. I will admit it took me a while to enjoy reading on a kindle, but nothing beats holding a book in your hands, turning pages, and getting lost in a story.

Another alone activity is to journal. Have a gratitude journal, this allows you to reflect on the blessings in your life each day. Challenges and problems have a way of becoming more focused when we count the good things in our day.

5.            Health

Experts say that daily exercise is not only good for our bodies but also our brains. It helps us to keep clarity and focus as well as creativity flowing. When you hit the afternoon, slump take a short walk. I just did this the other day, taking a walk during lunch cleared my mind, gave me some energy, and provided me with the focus to return to the office and be productive.

Making yourself a priority once in a while is not selfish. It is necessary!