Increase your Business Visibility


A brand’s visibility is key to growing your business. Customers need to know about your business and interact with you. Growing your visibility should be the main driver in your marketing plan.

Brand business visibility is more than just letting consumers know about your products and services. It is about increasing and continually improving the company’s positive reputation and standing within the community. This is achieved through building relationships. Bottom line if people don’t know who you are, they won’t choose you. Investing in your business visibility is an investment into your growth and success of the business.

One way to increase business visibility to join your local Chamber of Commerce. Membership in your local Chamber, not only adds credibility to your business, but members support members. In the month of March 2019, the Chamber had 1863-member page hits on our website which means that consumers are checking who are Chamber members and doing business them. Chamber membership is the start to increase your visibility, you need to also get involved with the community to build partnerships, sponsor events, and network.

For increased visibility growth focus on the following:

Online Visibility

You want your company to be the appear first on the page when customers search for a particular product or service. This includes creating content, ads, social media, websites and search engines. This is why it’s vital that your website is always up and running, with no script errors, otherwise, no one will be able to access your website. Fortunately,, a web hosting server, prevents this from happening and allows you to focus on your business and visibility. With a functioning website and plenty of content and ads, your online presence will rocket.

For example, I know that my online presence is going strong when I get calls for the Jerome Arizona Chamber of Commerce. Why, because when people do a search the Jerome Chamber of Commerce, Idaho appears first. You want the same results for your business. If you search for a product such as Boise speakers you want your business name to appear first as the local dealer.


Being easily found is the start, but next, you need to satisfy your customers so that they will stay loyal and tell their friends through word of mouth about you. This circles back to previous segments about customer service and empowering your employees to solve problems.


Consistency is helping your audience to get to know you. This means keeping your tone and messaging and content similar. 20 – 30% of your content should be on promoting the rest is educating your audience on your products and services. This will build relationships and trust.

Ways to accomplish On Line Visibility, Ability and Consistency include:

  1. Join your Local Chamber / Donate to a charity

Chamber of Commerce specializes in helping their members build visibility, this is often done through networking opportunities as well as sponsoring events. Participation in your local community allows you to build meaningful relationships and a local presence while doing something good.

  1. Become an Authority

Share your expertise. In a previous segment, we discussed that it takes approximately 10,000 hours to become an expert. Share your knowledge or skill, this can often be accomplished by offering to present at your local Chamber Luncheon. Leading a seminar, creating content on websites, blogs, and social media help increase your visibility and build trust.

  1. Network

Reaching out to other businesses in your area. Like and share each other’s social media pages, tell your customers about a product or service they have that you enjoy. Ask the other business to do the same. It is a win/win.

  1. Invest in Existing Customers

It costs less and takes less effort to retain current customers. Find ways to connect. Your customers are your ambassadors and they need to be treated with care and respect. Have a rewards program, special sales, great service, etc.

Investing in your business visibility is an investment into your growth and success of the business.

By: Cheryl Viola , Executive Director