Leadership and Success

Success and leadership are not the same things. Often, we think that if someone is successful, it is because they have good leadership skills. Unfortunately, for most people, leadership does not come naturally. Being successful in life doesn’t make you a good leader. A good organizational structure can hide someone’s poor leadership skills.

An Inc.com article discusses that when you first become a manager, you enter the imposter syndrome with insecurities and the need to be liked, which forces you to be emotionally intelligent, being a self-aware leader. As a result, you fear making a mistake and seek collaboration and feedback from your team.

The longer you are in a manager role, the more comfortable you become in making decisions, and the more you enjoy the power that comes with the title. Unfortunately, it is easy to fall into this trap. The more comfortable you are with a manager’s role, the easier it is to become caught up in your world with systems in place to do the job all about the manager.

The path to success is not easy, it is not straight, and it is often messy, with lots of starts, stops, and hiccups along the way.

Steps to Successful leadership

  • Do not be afraid to fail.
    • We are all human. Leaders make mistakes, and when leaders admit to mistakes and find solutions, it demonstrates that errors will occur, but the important lesson is that as a team, you work towards solutions.
  • Cultivate Positive Relationships
    • Relationships are critical to success. Along with building positive relationships, leaders are active listeners.
  • Never forget whom you are serving.
    • Service-Based Leadership
    • Serving others and putting others before ourselves is a learned soft skill. The good news is that everyone can learn this critical skill. Service is selflessly acting on behalf of others to ensure their success. When leaders demonstrate the unselfish act of performing service to others, it transforms a group of individuals into a team. A leader with a servant’s heart is invaluable, and everyone in a leadership position should adopt this mentality. It is the little things that add up and help build teamwork. Service starts with you!

Success is not about individual ambitions; it is what we build together. The ultimate tool you need to succeed lies inside of you. Leadership is about today!