Empowering Service

As we head into the holidays, many seek opportunities to serve those in their community. When I lived in North Dakota, the children and I started to deliver Thanksgiving meals on Thanksgiving morning. The experience was impactful, and the recipients enjoyed seeing the children provide the food. Donating a few hours of our time before we had our family celebration taught us the importance and joy of serving within our community.

Today’s employees are attracted to organizations that empower them to give back to their communities. Leaders set the tone for others, demonstrating expected behaviors and setting standards. For example, I have had the opportunity to work for a company that encouraged employees to get involved with volunteerism. They allowed one hour a month for the employee to dedicate to an organization of their choice. The return for the company was happier, more productive employees with a greater retention rate.

Everyone needs to feel needed. Employees watch their leaders and will follow their example. Leadstar leadership Coach Courtney Lynch said, “while our voices matter, we are heard much more by our actions. “Locally, there are numerous ways to serve. We have seen companies partner with Sleep in Heavenly peace and have team bunk bed-making competitions. The Jerome Fire Department does the annual Coats for Kids fundraiser, Toys for Tots, First Fed, and the Jerome City Police recently did a sock drive. There is no shortage of worthy causes and nonprofits to donate valuable time. If you have a hobby or interest, start there.

“While our voices matter, we are heard much more by our actions.”

Courtney Lynch

Service starts in the home; in this case, it can begin in our places of employment. Statistically, we spend more time with coworkers. If you want to develop a servant attitude, find ways to serve those around you. Leaders and managers need to empower employees to help solve customers’ problems, which builds customer loyalty and helps to keep people shopping locally.

Serving others starts with:

  • Dealing with others fairly
  • Show interest in a coworker’s life outside of work
  • Smile
  • Volunteer your time
  • Invite others to participate in the organization you volunteer with.
  • Inspire positivity.

“Leaders are heard by what they do. Speak loudly with your actions; you will bring value to others and empower with your example.” Courtney Lynch

by Cheryl Viola, Executive Director & CEO, MBA