K.I.S.S. Marketing

Your message needs to be laser-focused on your customers and their needs to be effective. Marketing 101 comes down to KISS. Keep it short and simple.

May 4, 2021 by Cheryl Viola, MBA, Executive Director

There is nothing easy about creating a memorable ad campaign. When you have 8 seconds or less to capture the consumers’ attention. Each marketing channel; radio, social media, print, television, YouTube has different rules, some use catchy tunes and jingles, visual images, print, photos, slogans, and video.  The goal is to capture the consumers’ attention, be memorable, involve emotion, and call the consumer to act. This is no simple feat for businesses. Keep it Short and Simple!

1.            Show how you will solve the consumers’ problem

Using keywords is important, everyone including your competition is using the same words. You need to stand out. Think like the customer, what headline would get you to act?

For example: Let’s use the Chamber of Commerce. Most people have heard of a chamber but do not know what it is or how it helps. I can quote statistics like 63% of consumers do business with chamber members. I could rattle off a list of benefits like the chamber provides credibility, visibility, advocacy provides relocation information, and referrals. But the best and simplest message is the problem the chamber solves:  Connecting people and businesses together.

2.            Include emotional triggers

People do not make decisions based on logic alone, they are driven by emotions.  Highlight how your product/service will help the consumer. Focus on just one product/service and be sure your ad touches an emotion.  Most common is how the consumer feels about the product or service. Car manufactures often use words like a smooth ride, quiet interior. They create imagery that the consumer can visualize and feel before they ever purchase the product.

3.            Focus on benefits, not features.

Do not waste time stating how amazing your brand is, instead get the consumers to take action by telling them how your product will improve their lives.

  • How much will they save? (give percentage)
  • How the consumer will cut costs without losing coverage or value.

I am a workout enthusiast. Having a healthy and active lifestyle is important to me. One of the challenges I face, Ladies you will understand this is workout leggings are problematic. How many times when you wear the leggings do you find yourself pulling them over and over again?  I was recently introduced to a product that addresses this issue and claimed it doesn’t roll or fall regardless of the activity. As you can imagine I was intrigued and curious if the claim was accurate. I took action and ordered a pair. Imagine my delight when the product arrived a few days later, I put them on the next morning and went to the gym for my morning workout. I was going to put these leggings to the test. I ran 4.5 miles on the treadmill and then did my weight routine. You know what? I never once had to pull up the leggings. They stayed put through my entire 90-minute workout. Amazing! As a result, the company has a new loyal customer who is quite happy to share this product with others through referrals. For those reading this checkout Zyia Active.

4.            Implement FOMO (Fear of missing out)

People are more motivated by the idea of losing out than gaining something. Instill time-limits. Act now, a countdown timer… you need to create urgency as to why the consumer needs it now.

Your message needs to be laser-focused on your customers and their needs to be effective. Marketing 101 comes down to KISS. Keep it short and simple.