Creating a Dynamic Work Culture


A company’s culture is its identity. Creating workplace cultures that can withstand the uncertainty of changing business models, increase workforce diversity and a flood of technology is a challenge for every employer. Creating a culture where employees are excited to come to work and take ownership of their responsibilities.

Great workplace cultures provide a crucial advantage for organizations, attracting talent, spurring innovation and setting a pattern for success.

Simon Senek in a TED talk said “Very, very few people or organizations know why they do what they do” Making a profit is a result… Each organization needs to answer”

  • What is your purpose or cause?
  • What is your belief?
  • Why does your organization exist?
  • Why do you get out of bed in the morning?
  • Why should anyone care?

Here a few tools to assist you in creating a dynamic culture:

Enlist, Empower & Encourage:

Hire the right people, give your employees room to succeed. Provide tools for your employees to do their jobs and then let them go. In other words, don’t micromanage. Allow your employees so to spread their wings, create and try new things and new ideas.

Promote team spirit/ Care about each other:

True teammates encourage each other and communicate regularly in a positive way. Employees want a voice and a meaningful impact on the company and its direction. By encouraging and creating good camaraderie among your team your employees will want to come to work.

Strong company culture is well worth the effort:

Invest in establishing your values and mission, hire people who opt-in and bolster your culture, value employees by giving them a voice and create room for team spirit.

Once you have created this dynamic work culture like anything else you will need to continue to nurture it.  The best work cultures, hire the right people, have low turnover and have happy, loyal and productive employees that all help to the growth of the company.

By: Cheryl Viola, Executive Director