Surviving the Business Holiday Slump


The Holiday season is here. Life is busy with family, work and community parties galore. This busy season can have a major impact on your revenue.  Businesses need to be creative to find ways to attract consumers during the holiday slump.

1.           Use the downtime to Brainstorm

When we are happy, we are more creative, we need to tap into that energy. As you close out your fiscal year and set new goals, give yourself and staff the time to dream and goal setting. Utilize the extra energy to inspire and excite you. Conduct brainstorming sessions over a challenge.

2.           Allow for Downtime

Just as important as brainstorming and using the extra energy to inspire, it is equally important to allow for downtime. Giving people the time to unwind is not only healthy but it also leads to more creative ideas.

3.           Be creative

Find creative ways to attract consumers to your business. Utilize the National Day calendar(

  • Pick something to celebrate. For Example, January 4 is National Spaghetti Day & National Trivia Day, how about January 7 National Bobblehead day.  You get the idea. Pick something once a week, promote it and find creative ways to draw people to your business.
  • Have a fun contest
  • Include Post-Holiday Coupons.
  • Tap into local events
    • Encourage staff to participate, dress up if it fits
  • Use social media to engage your audience and get consumers in your doors.

You need not let the holiday slump get you down. Remember as a Chamber has resources to assist.

By: Cheryl Viola, Executive Director