Building your Business Brand


There is a strange idea that by joining the local Chamber of Commerce that it is the magic solution to making money and will bring customers running through the doors. Chamber’s offer many advantages to businesses, networking, mailing list, sponsorship and marketing opportunities to assist you in building your brand. However, you as the business oeswner still need to pay your dues of time and effort into building your brur brand.

Build your business brand is more than a logo, fonts, and colors. It includes attendinworking events, getting involved with your community, through volunteering and sponsorship. Host a Business After Hours, Chamber Luncheon or one of the Chamber Events. Get out the door and talk to as many people as you can. Once you build your brand you need to continually maintain your brand and still network.

Some of the questions you need to ask when you start building your brand are:

  • What should it look like?
  • How should my brand make people feel?
  • Will it resonate with my target audience?
  • What does your business believe in?
  • What key qualities and benefits does your brand offer?

Last week we referred to Toms shoes and how they donate to a cause and have built their brand on giving back.

A brand is more than just your name and logo. Your brand is how people perceive you – both the impressions you can control and the ones you cannot control. Branding is a way of defining your business to yourself, your team and your external audiences. The brand needs to embody the core of the business is and its values.

Your brand needs to be consistent, what is going to look like and what feeling do you want to evoke?

Your brand is defined by a customer’s overall perception of your business.

Aim to make your key messages work together to build a coherent identity.

  • Do not try to mimic the look of chains or big brands.
    • Carve out your own identity. Be authentic
  • Be innovative, bold and daring.
    • Stand for something you believe in.
  • Always consider your branding when communicating with customers.

Try offering more than just slashing prices. Promotions are an opportunity to reinforce your brand mission

Network…network.. network

Get out in your community. Meet people, be friendly, be confident get involved.

There is chamber provides many resources and opportunities to assist you in building your brand. Join today!

By: Cheryl Viola, Executive Director