Naming a business

When it comes to starting and owning your own business there are no limits to age, you don’t need a lot of money or even a college degree, however, you did need a strong business plan. Part of that business plan includes naming your business.

It is important to do your homework. You need to find out if the name you have chosen is already being used, has a copyright or a trademark. You don’t want to have to pick a name and then must change the name because you neglected to check that it is not already being used.

For example, FanX in Salt Lake City had to do a re-branding as the originators of Comic-con were not happy that they used the “Comic-con” name.  It will save you a lot of headaches if you do your research.

Tips on selecting a name:

  1. Generate a list of possible names.

2. Ask for help. Talk to your friends and family.

3. Check the thesaurus.

4. Say the name out loud. Does it sound good when spoken or is it a tongue twister?

5. Use a name that conveys a benefit.

6. Avoid Web 2.0-ish syndrome.

Example: Flickr (you want a name people will know how to spell your name)

7. Beware of initials

IBM & 3M are expectations they have been around for decades.

8. Make sure you can Trademark the name.

 • Do your research, you do not want to use a name that is copyrighted or Trademarked. This can cost you down the road.

• Check

• Idaho Secretary of State Website . then click on business entity search


9. Check the domain name

Your business name is a critical component of your marketing. Every business needs a name that reflects its brands identity. Choosing the right name can sometimes make all the difference in attracting your clientele. Names are powerful, get the right name and you get branding as a by-product of your advertising.

By: Cheryl Viola, Executive Director