‘Soft’ Chamber Benefits

We have spent a lot of time over the past weeks discussing networking skills. There are many ‘soft’ benefits that the Chamber offers businesses. These benefits are difficult to put a monetary value to. For example

In the month of July:

  • The chamber Facebook page reached almost 4000 people with almost 900 engagements. Meaning almost 900 people responded to the posts. Most of the responses come from event promotions and member appreciation posts.
  • Year to date over 10,000 searches have occurred on the Chamber website. This means people are searching the member directory to find businesses that are Chamber Members that has resulted in 4100-member page hits from those searches.
  • Did you know you can post jobs on the Chamber website? In the past 60 days we have had 63 hits on the job listing page.

What does this mean for businesses, it means that by being a chamber member your exposure to the community is magnified. By being involved with the Chamber such as attending events and meeting new people is a win/win for your business as it drives more business to you.

Please feel free to contact the Chamber for more information on the benefits and how it can help your business.