Make your Contacts Count


Anyone can learn how to make small talk into smart talk. Networking is the deliberate process of exchanging information, resources, and support to create mutually beneficial relationships for personal and professional success.

When you are at a Chamber Business After Hours, Luncheon or professional conference remember to ENGAGE

E = Establish Eye Contact

    • Be sure to keep eye contact with the person you are speaking with. Do not let your eyes wander the room in search of the next person you wish to talk with.

N = Nodding

G = Geniality

    • Be cheerful, cordial & Smile

A = Aiming your attention

    • Lean slightly forward toward the person you are listening too.

G = Gesturing Appropriately

    • Use your hands to emphasize your words or concepts.

E = Easing your posture

    • Stand comfortably

Entering a new situation is scary for most everyone when you are faced with attending an event I recommend entering the room with a smile. This sends the message that you want to be there and that you are approachable and likable. By learning to do these simple things you will find that your people skills improve, and it will become easier to make new contacts.

“Weaving business and community together”

By: Cheryl Viola, Executive Director