Shadows on the Wall


Let’s face it too many people entering a networking situation alone or for the first few times can be intimidating. Most people’s natural tendency is to be invisible, hide in the shadows or stand by the wall. The reality is that business success whether you’re the owner, manager or employee depends on networking for new clients or customer as well as gathering the latest business intelligence, so you stay at the forefront.

Be sure to always have your business cards with you. I recently read a networking tip to help you remember people when you meet them. The trick is simple, write a few keywords on the back of the business card about the person or services they told you about. When you return to your office with several business cards you can see the notes you made, and it jogs your memory making it easier to remember the person and the conversation you had. For example, I was at a meeting and I had a great discussion with a person from Economic Opportunity. I knew nothing about this organization, on the back of the card I wrote “micro intermediary lender” This organization is set up to help entrepreneurs and start-up businesses with micro business loans. Just by writing that term on the back of the card I am better able to remember the key points of the conversation. Give this trick a try and see if it works for you too. Remember that handing out a business card is not networking.

“Weaving business and community together”

By: Cheryl Viola, Executive Director