Building Successful Business Relationships

If you have not had the opportunity to tune into the weekly Chamber Chats on both the BUCK FM and la perrona we visit about various Chamber related topics. Networking is one of the benefits of membership. There is often a misconception of what ‘networking’ is. Let’s discuss why attending networking events are important to your business and your employees.

First, building relationships takes time. Recently I spoke with a member who discussed that it took them 5 years to cultivate a client relationship before they signed on. Once they became a client they were a client for life. Not all relationships take this long to develop, the point is that building good relationships take time. People do not want the instant sales pitch, they are looking for a deeper connection with you.

A Harvard study found that 85% of professional success comes from people skills. Networks are just a collection of friends, teammates, and acquaintances. People help each other equally and genuinely care about the well being and success of each other.

Tips for successful relationship/networking skills include:

  •  Be authentic
  • ·    Learn their name!
  • ·    Identify shared goals/values
  • ·    Develop mutual respect
  • ·    Let people know have their back.
  • ·    Let go of expectations
  • ·    Offer something before asking for something

The Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit and thus we operate on funds raised through events. These events provide businesses and their employees with the opportunity to network and get involved with the community. We are here to grow and sustain the community of Jerome together. It just makes good business sense to be a member of the Jerome Chamber. For more information please contact the Chamber.

By: Cheryl Viola, Executive Director

 “Weaving business and community together”