| February 9th, 2012

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To all our insurance friends and colleagues;

This last storm we had in mid January has reminded me of preventative maintenance around the house that often gets put off for more fun things like golf!
Needless to say, we all get reminded now and then from Mother Nature how important up-keep around the home is.  I know that we are all concerned with
having “a roof over our heads”, and this last storm reminds me how important that roof is.

Restoration Tip #1
Big or small, the roof of our home is the first defense from moisture falling out of the sky.  This moisture can take on many forms as evident already this year.
Most roofing material today is adequate for the elements Mother Nature may throw at it.  We have gone a little farther and made a roof pleasing to the eye
and also softer to the sounds.  This last storm arrived with frozen ice, a thick layer of snow, then at least an inch of rain in most areas.  The problems we found most
were not the roof holding up to the elements, but getting the moisture off the roof and away from the home.  This time of year is always tough because of the freezing
temperatures, but a quick inspection can tell us what we need.  Try this checklist to see if your roof is running large volumes of moisture away from your home.

Check List for my roof.
Inspect the quality of the material of your roof.  Is anything missing? Bending up on the edges? If so, time for repair or a new roof.
Inspect the gutters and valleys for leaves, branches, and debris.  Remove the debris so moisture will flow properly off the roof.
Inspect gutters for leaks and downspouts for obstructions.  A garden hose in the gutter will work great.
While running water – check for flow, direction and evenness.  Low spots will let water over where you don’t want it.
Check where the water hits the ground. Always make sure the water leaving the downspout will flow away from the house.
Check soil heights around foundation vents.  This last storm packed enough moisture that water diverted from the roof found it’s way into some vents along the foundation.
Inspect window wells for the basement. The weakest area in an older basement is often around windows.  The window well should leave ample room between the soil and the window.
Window wells also need to drain properly, and keep moisture away from the window.
Check the lay of the land around your home.  Sometimes, simple landscaping will help divert running water when the ground is not taking as much moisture in the winter.

Hope you all have made it through the winter thus far without disaster.  I look forward to the spring and mild temperatures but also know that “April showers bring May flowers”.  Still time to see home from the roof!

We at Advanced Restoration enjoy working with each of you and appreciate the referrals. Please let us know how we can help your clients get through their disasters.

Thanks Again;  Kent Bates

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